Friday, August 1, 2014

Thursday "High Tea"

One of the things we wanted to bring back with us from Mackinac Island is "High Tea" in the afternoon.  Doing this every day would be too overwhelming for me (!) so I decided to try Thursday afternoons at about 4:15pm, since that is normally our off-school day anyway.  When we have High Tea Thursdays, we'll eat a light dinner really late (6:30/7pm) and call it good.

For this first High Tea upon arriving home, I just picked up some goodies from New Seasons.  My goal is to have a few sweets and a few savory items, hot tea for anyone who wants it, and some nice juice.  As you can imagine, it was a hit!  :o)  

We've done 3 High Teas now, and the kids look forward to them.  I have a plastic box that holds all my supplies (linens, glasses, and tea) and then in the freezer I keep the extra goodies that we didn't eat.  I intend on making scones and tea cakes (and also freezing the extras) as well as experimenting with little chocolates and sandwiches.  But I know that sometimes, whatever I have on hand will work.  So no pressure on me!

My sophisticated bunch.  I play classical
music from Pandora in the background.
Such a ladylike position.....
A sample of what I might serve at High Tea.
Ladyfingers, wafer crackers, choc cookies,
salted almonds, apples, and brie.
The kids have now taken to talking in snooty voices during High Tea (so funny) and a few of the kids helped me with the set-up yesterday.  That was nice.  Three kids so far have tried some hot tea and enjoyed it.  Marcus thought it was all kinda silly, but I pointed out, when else do we all sit together and chat on a Thursday afternoon?  Good point.  So it isn't so silly after all. :o)

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  1. Such a lovely idea! And you're right, you can experiment with different finger food ideas and different teas. I love it!