Friday, August 8, 2014

Migrant Ministry

I was so happy when my friend Ann Marie C. emailed her snapshots from Migrant Ministry! I hardly every seem to take my camera with me, and when I do, I usually only get a few bad shots of my own kids.  Ann Marie's photos really capture our time at the camp.

We've been going to Migrant Ministry for about 10? years now.  Maybe more, maybe before Bunny was born?  I don't remember.  Anyway, my friend Beth B. was very much involved at that time and she convinced me that it was ok that I know zero Spanish.  :o)  

I think over the years the more permanent residents get a kick out of seeing me alternate between being pregnant and having a baby.  :o)  They were all amazed by Mariposa's light orange hair and very pale skin when she was little. Most of the residents/guests speak only Spanish but the kids almost always speak English, so we usually just play with them.  I am learning my numbers through Bingo but that is about it.  :o)

We work closely with St. Vincent de Paul, and
with that we bring food and treats each visit.
 On this evening, we played some fun field-day type games.
My kids are always allowed to join in--this ministry is more
about playing together than an "us/them" type of thing.

Mass usually happens once or twice over the summer.  It
was nice having Fr. Hugo, our new pastor!!  Of course I
couldn't understand a word of the homily, but I did follow
along with the readings and the Mass parts.

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