Tuesday, September 30, 2014

late summer happenings

Ok, let's get this wrapped up!  Here are some August happenings to round out the summer:

First, Summer Bell Choir "Camp."  Bunny, James, and I had twice-weekly practices in August to be able to play for 8:30am Mass at the end of the month.  The choir was made up of mostly kids age 8-13 but we also had a few moms, an older mom, and a grandfather!  We have played handbells before so it was "easy" but still a lot of fun.  

Handbell Choir
Garden was going strong and looked beautiful, at least for the first half of August:
Just one harvest pic
 We had our first day of school on August 25th, which was about one week earlier than group school.  But I REALLY want to be done in early May, even with the new baby coming.  The kids didn't mind, since we did this last year also.  I have pics on that (maybe later?).  One of our new traditions is to go to the State Fair in the afternoon/evening on the first day of school:

Physics lesson
Nutrition lesson (or rather, what is NOT nutritious!)
Bunny posted many more pictures of our fun Fair day on this post.

Every school year also brings the St. Matthew/St. Vincent de Paul backpack project.  This year we were joined by some friends and even grammae!  St. Vincent de Paul (our food bank at St. Matt's) takes names of families needing school supplies, and the parishioners donate all the backpacks and materials.  Stuffing the backpacks is a great project for kids, so we make it a priority to do this every year.

Ooooh, one of my favorite things about the end of August--Veteran peaches!!!!!!  They are the best!!!!  We made 5 peach pies in 5 days and it just didn't seem like enough.
I think this is my favorite pie ever.
 By the end of the month I couldn't reach my toes, so my good friend Lisa encouraged me to take some "me" time and get a pedicure:
The first of (hopefully) many pedicures at "my" salon,
Melody Nails and Spa on Main Street.

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