Friday, September 19, 2014

Marcus' actual birthday

While we celebrated Marcus' birthday with family on the weekend, when it came to his actual birthday it was just us seven.

He was so gracious to give me a free pass to just take the family out to dinner, instead of me cooking for him.  :o)  He knew "happy wife, happy life" (and therefore happy birthday).  That was a hard week for me--throwing him a party on the weekend, tending to the week's activities, and making desserts for 50 the following weekend…so it was a really good call just to go out.
Five Guys was the dining establishment of choice.

yummy goodness
Back at home we had cake (crockpot chocolate pudding cake) and opened presents:

Bunny is holding Sedric back from blowing out the candles.
The kids each chose a gift for their dad.  Guess
who chose this shirt for him???

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Marcus!

    That shirt has Bunny written all over it haha