Monday, September 15, 2014

Marcus' birthday party

Earlier in August, my handsome husband turned 39!!  The weekend before his birthday I threw him a party to celebrate.  It was so nice to have the patio done so we could enjoy the good weather outside:

Yes, Marcus had to grill for his own party.  :o)  I don't know how
to use the grill.  It's one of those things that makes him feel
important and needed.  ;o)
 He asked for chile-pork burgers, cole slaw, and roasted carrots for his dinner, and  pistachio cake with vanilla-honey buttercream for dessert:

Then, more patio enjoyment as the birthday boy opened his presents.  One big present for him: "Quantum Leap" episodes on DVD!  The kids have been enjoying that for a month now.  He also ~finally~ got his perennial birthday request of "gravel."  (He's very practical with his wish lists.)
Happy Birthday Marcus!

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