Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas shopping

It is a (relatively new) tradition for us to go to Let's Play in downtown Hillsboro and shop for the cousins!!

The local cousins all draw names for Christmas, a procedure that will likely change as Marcus and I now have more than half of the kids.  ;o)  This year we left Celeste out of the drawing (she didn't notice) and continued on as normal.

I like to wait until a week or two before Christmas to hit the toy store for the cousin gifts.  The kids really get that "Christmas-y feeling" with the twinkly lights downtown.  It works out well to go on an evening before Religious Ed, and then go out for fast food before classes start at 6:45pm.

Luckily Let's Play keeps wish lists on file!
Bunny thought this dress might be good
for Emmet.  
This plain brown rock would make a good
gift for Sophs.
James can't understand why this nice Groovy
Girl doll isn't on Lukie's list….
Gemma thinks this baby doll would be great
for Aidan!
And Sedric thought some Thomas trains would be a swell gift for Eliot.  :o)

Luckily, Marcus and I directed the kids to some more ~appropriate~ gifts for each cousin.  

After shopping and wrapping we made our way down the street to Subway.  With coupons and daily-deals, we go out of there for under $20!

Seddy ended up eating the WHOLE 6-inch!

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