Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wind Storm!!

One Thursday earlier this month, the talk guys on the AM radio station I listen to were warning everyone about a huge windstorm coming in the afternoon.  This seemed weird to me since everything outside looked so calm and beautiful at the time.  Sure enough, around 3:30pm it started to get windy…and more windy….  It was so odd since it wasn't a storm that had high wind, it was JUST the high wind!  So, we had an adventure that evening:

the kids enjoying the wind
the trees, not so much
As predicted, the power went out at about 4pm or so.  I was JUST walking over to the oven to put in a cake when poof! the oven turned off.  (Good timing, really, since I just had to put the cake batter in the fridge and bake it later.  Better than having the cake half-baked and THEN the oven going off.)  Another good stroke of luck: we had soup on the menu that night, which is something that could be made 100% on the gas stove:
We had prepped the veggies already, so dinner was a snap.
soup simmering by candlelight
 I thought it was a good time to break out the beeswax candle that Fr. Peter gave us specifically to light during storms.  (the pretty pillar candle next to the lantern)

It turned out to be a fun and peaceful experience.  After dinner there were no dishes to clean (since we didn't want to waste water) so we all just gathered around the fire and read books.  The night wasn't that cold so we didn't miss the heater, luckily.  And the power turned back on at 7:30am the next morning, just in time for Marcus to go to work.  

(Marcus did go out shopping the next day for a generator.  It's waiting in our barn as I type, and Papa will come in a few days to help us hook it up.  ;o)  )


  1. A night of no power is always good to bring everyone together and testing survival skills.

  2. I know! I'm actually kinda sad that we have a generator now…. :o) Becky