Tuesday, December 2, 2014

continuing with Celeste's 2nd week

The days are flying by!  Celeste is 4 weeks old today, growing like a weed.  As you can imagine, it's getting harder and harder to carve out time online--Celeste isn't sleeping "all the time" like a little newborn does, Marcus is back to work full time, and I'm back to running the household.  The blog posts will have to trickle in whenever I get time, which is OK because yes I am busy, but it is a good kind of busy!!!  Full, noisy house, baby in my arms, what's better???  :o)

Here are some more pictures that (I think) are from mid November:

Our new fireplace was installed the day Celeste was born…
kinda like how we had the sport court installed when Sedric
was born!!!  
We took Celeste in to the birth center for her
1.5 week checkup.  Gaining weight like a champ!
heel prick, ouch
stopped by Cabela's on the way home and got a prime
parking spot!!  (define "young"…)
my biggest helper, at least in the holding-baby category
Delicious meals kept coming in!!  We were so blessed!
how I get things done (using a sling right now,
as a matter of fact!!)
Illness hit our family, a little vomiting but
mostly just loss of appetite and lethargy.
Didn't hit me or Celeste, luckily.
birth announcement outtake


  1. Love the updates! It's so quiet at our house now with the boys gone.

  2. she's getting so big! more close up face pictures so I can see her expressions :-)