Thursday, December 18, 2014

James goes to a party

James was invited to his friend's Nerf-fighting birthday party!

It was on a triple-booked Sunday so I also had to take Celeste, Mariposa, and Sedric to the party with James.  Marcus was at a memorial service with Gemma, and Bunny was at an Advent retreat with her Franciscan Girls Club.  Whew!

The kids had a blast!  (pun intended)  We don't go to many "friend" birthday parties since most of our friends don't hold them, probably because their families are big and, to be equitable between siblings, parties would be too costly.  Plus, a lot of our kids' friends are their cousins! and we always "just" get together for family dinner which is a party of a different sort--any time 11 kids and 9 adults get together, I'd call that a party.  So anyway, this "friend" party sure was a special treat. 

Here are some pics of the fun time!

Sedric had a run of the place while the kids were eating pizza.

Happy birthday, Zach!  Thanks for the great time!

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