Saturday, December 27, 2014

ZooLights 2014

Merry Christmas!  I will take a little time now to chronicle our pre-Christmas activities.  First we have ZooLights!!  This is an annual tradition for us.

First stop:  Noodles & Co.  This is a special treat!  Here is
Marcus putting in our (very large) order.
"Our" spot in the restaurant--the only spot that will fit
all 8 of us!
Celeste was super-excited.
I told Marcus not to pay for sodas but he just
couldn't help it…and I was glad he overruled me
since the kids LOVE choosing from the fancy machine.
We made our way to the Oregon Zoo at around 7pm.  This was a Monday evening, and we figured it would be FANTASTIC because no one would be there that late on a school night.  I started doubting that theory when I saw "Lot Full" signs on the highway…uh oh.  Sure enough, it was PACKED!  People were leaving, though, so we found a spot fairly quickly.  It wasn't our front-row spot we got last year, but good enough.  :o)
    Once we got thru admissions we made our way to the zoo train.  We NEVER spring for the Christmas lights zoo train so the kids were excited.  But not so much when we saw the wait in line would be 45 minutes!!!  Boo. So we decided to have Marcus wait in line for us while I took the kids through the zoo.  It was a win-win: Marcus got some quiet time on his iPhone and I got some fun time with the kids.  :o)

Before waiting in line.
on our walk through the zoo

seeing some animals was a highlight

After "cutting" in line  ;o)  Here comes the train!!!
You can imagine how EXCITED Sedric was...
"Hurry up, mom, get on board!"
a little snack for Celeste (she was such a trouper)
wiped out


  1. I remember going to Zoo Lights with you. It was such fun. This is an awesome Christmas time tradition.

  2. The lights are beautiful! We used to take the kids to Toledo Zoo Lights.