Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Turkey Trot 2014

Every year on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we head out to the HilHi stadium for the Turkey Trot!!

Well, almost every year.  I forgot about it last year.  And one year we had an ice "storm" so it was cancelled.  Oh well.

Anyway, it was great weather this year so even taking Celeste was do-able.  We were counting on at least ONE of our 5 racers to win us a frozen turkey (the top prize in each age devision; sorry Erica and Mary).  Here is the photo-story of the event:

Gemma and Sedric were first up in the preschool race.  It was
1/2 time around the track.  Gemma had good position and I
was very confused when I saw her THIS far back after only a
couple of yards!  Mariposa (her starting-position helper) told
me later that she had tripped right at the start, in the crush of
excited kids.  :o(
…but that was better than Sedric, who got
scared at the BANG of the starting gun and
decided to take a shortcut ACROSS the field.
Gemma still got 3rd place!!  Makes me think
she might've won us a turkey if she didn't trip.
At least she got a pic with a turkey even if
she didn't win one.
Here's Barley of Hillsboro Hops baseball.
We had high hopes for Mariposa, who won 2nd place for
the past 2 times we attended the Turkey Trot.
Cheering Mariposa on from the stands.
She ran well but not quite fast enough to get the turkey.  :o(
She had to run 1.5 laps!!!
The racers
James warming up.  At this point I was in the van with the 3
youngest kids.  Marcus took the photos.
Go James!  (but alas, no turkey)
Bunny's turn to warm up
Aaack!!  Hurry Bunny, they are all getting ready to start!
Bunny had to run around the track 3.5 times.  Wow!
(remember, we are NOT natural runners…this is a big deal
for ANY of us…)   
But Bunny did not win the turkey either.  :o(  We had to go hungry for Thanksgiving day. sniff sniff (tears)

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  1. Cute blog post Becky! I remember the Turkey Trot. It was lots of fun for the kids!