Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter activities

On Saturday we went to St. Matthew for their egg hunt, sponsored by the mom's group:

Seddy had like 3 big kids helping him…does it look like
he really needs help at this hunt?
Gemma did well too!  She ended up re-hiding
some of her eggs for a few kids who came late.
The egg hunt is held in conjunction with the Bake Sale.  Last year we didn't do either: I opted out of baking for a year (I was pregnant and overwhelmed, and this year…well, I'm still overwhelmed but at least I'm not pregnant) and the mom's group didn't host an egg hunt.  It was good to have a break, and we were ready for this year's activities!

Bunny wanted to make baklava for the Bake Sale.  All proceeds go to the Altar Society.  Her baklava plates sold for a total of $32!  (The best part: we got to keep the "ugly" end pieces to ourselves!)

Other Saturday activities include finding suitable clothes for the kids, ironing said clothes, and doing chores so I can take Easter Sunday off.

On Easter day the kids get dressed and go downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny left for them!  Then we have cold cereal for breakfast and make our way to Mass.  Normally Mass is at 8:30am but on Easter, it's 9am.  We still needed to leave at 8am since Bunny and James were altar servers and Marcus was a lector.  Here's some pics:

Easter morning--finding their baskets
Celeste and her godmother
All 5 cousins were serving!  (Bunny did the
incense, a new thing for her.)

Our annual family portrait  (I set the camera up this way so
I could crop it into a "portrait" orientation thru Costco.)
I hope you all had a fantastic Easter!  

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