Thursday, April 30, 2015

the eye of the storm

Well, not really "the eye of the storm."  This was just a band of mini-storms that rolled through one day.  But it felt like the eye of a storm!  Everything was calm and beautiful at our house, but very black to the north of us.  In spring this is very beautiful:  the vivid lime green growth here where we are, and then the darkness just a mile away.

We also turned on the TV to see the weather reports.  They mentioned "Midway" and "Scholls," which never happens!  It wasn't a big deal, really, just some showers and hail, but it was right at rush hour and it was a slow news day.

The kids liked how the white smoke from the
neighbor's burn pile looked, against the
black clouds.

Clear skies on one side…storm on the other.
(You can see the pretty pink cherry trees on
the left--I love those trees!)

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