Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This last Sunday we had a wonderful Sunday Dinner of grandma H's spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and bread, with Texas Sheet Cake for dessert (or as Patty would call it…Sheet Cake) (Marcus' joke).

I didn't take a photo journal of that meal, but I did of another Blast from the Past feast for a SunDin last month:  grandma H's galumpkes!

All rolled up and ready for the oven.
Galumpkes are stuffed cabbage rolls in tomato sauce.  They simmer for half the day to a delicious result.  We all LOVE galumpkes!

This is one of my treasures.  If the house is on fire…this is
what I would grab on the way out.
Grandma had a meandering way of writing recipes.

Grandma would make galumpkes for her Polish husband.  She herself was German/Italian, hence the spaghetti sauce recipe mentioned earlier.

For dessert we decided on Cinnamon-Swirl Coffeecake.  It is our friend Marc's recipe (the trumpet player from church, and half of "Marcus & Marcus" of brunch fame).

When I'm baking, you can expect a certain redhead nearby.

Marc's recipe from an old Email
Patiently waiting for the cake to bake.
Time for the drizzle!
And time to dish up!

Swirled to perfection.

Having a special meal on Sundays has been a highlight for us.  Many thanks to Patty for being so encouraging of the tradition on her blog.  

What have YOU been having for Sunday Dinner recently??

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  1. Grandma is smiling down on you Becky. And she is happy that Mariposa loves working in the kitchen too.