Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter eats

Easter is a big feast day in our family!

Normally for Easter, we go to the R house for brunch and then back to grammae and papa's for dinner.  But this year, with g&p in housing limbo* they couldn't host dinner, and the R family didn't host brunch either.  That left our "little" family of 8 to fend for ourselves….

Marcus and I wanted to put on a nice (but low-stress) brunch for the kids and us:

Marcus requested cinnamon rolls, and I
delivered.  Nicki's Cinnamon Buns From Heaven
is a recipe I clipped from the Oregonian years ago,
and the whole family is glad I did.  :o)
I think you know Marcus makes excellent
Simple table dressing but it did the trick.
New invention: fried-egg-stuffed omelet!!
(It was very very good!)
Marcus also made hash browns, extra crispy, and sausage
as well.  The sausage had bacon it it, so we were covered. 

To drink, we had sparkling cider for the kids, and Marcus opened up a really good bottle of rose sparkling wine that he got from his former manager.

We were all stuffed from the meal and could not possibly eat another bite…until I pulled these bad boys from the oven:

Hot, out of the oven
Ok, I guess there was still some room for the cinnamon rolls.

The whole family met up at Stanford's for Easter dinner.  We had a room to ourselves which included a long adult table and a long kids' table.  Attending the party were all the usual suspects along with Fr. Edgar, Fr. Dominico, and Fr. Juan's mom!

Fr. Juan and his mom, who flew in from Mexico for a few weeks.
 This Easter was definitely "different" since we did not meet as an extended family in someone's home.  But we made the most of it, and I think it turned out great!

*Grammae and Papa are building a new house (next door to their old one), and only the 2nd floor is finished.  The 2nd floor is like a little condo with everything they need, but no room to entertain. They will finish the main floor shortly.  Until then, they're living the apartment (style) life! 


  1. Looks delish! Cinnamon rolls ... home made...are my FAVE!!