Friday, April 17, 2015

March, in photos

After coming home from our week at the coast in early March, we continued with lots of fun adventures throughout the month (would you expect anything less from us?):

St. Patrick's Day park visit with friends...
...and a stop at Burgerville for lunch.
Anemones in bloom
Math Expo at St. Matthew School--it was so nice to be invited
to attend!  The 6th grade students gave "sales pitches" on
company stocks they wanted us to "buy."
7th grade students designed houses using
software.  You can tell Celeste was excited
to be here.
Finally got around to having Gary from Gary's Mustangs
out to look at my '66.  We're thinking about fixing it up!
(Well, paying someone else to fix it up, I mean.)
Penance and Popeye's…makes going to confession fun!
Fr. Juan's birthday party 
Fr. Juan got lots of socks and underwear (to donate to
a Portland homeless center!).
I love how Celeste fell asleep here.
Tulips that the kids planted with grandpa

My friend Rosina and I run the homeschool
group's annual Builder's Expo. Gemma really
got into it this year!
The Expo is half expo and half social.  ;o)
Happy baby with a great big sister

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  1. I'm diggin' your car!!!! How fascinating! And my Miss Ester is lovin' Celeste's adorable photos!