Thursday, April 16, 2015

St. Matthew Auction

Last month Marcus and I went to the St. Matthew School auction, held on the Nike campus.  This is a VERY fun annual event that we LOVE supporting!  Even though I don't send my kids to the school, I have a very high opinion of it and a lot of my friends send their kids there.  Before Bunny was born I was even employed by St. Matthew School, and  it was my favorite post-marriage, pre-babies job.  :o)  

We sat at a table with my homeschool friends Lisa & Michael, Sterling & Michael, and Deidre & Kevin, along with grammae and papa:

Michael & Lisa (they will be sending their boys to St. Matthew
next year so I am excited to live vicariously through them.  ;o)
Sterling & Michael
Deidre photo-bombing Papa and Grammae
Kevin loves babies!!!
Celeste was voted "Cutest Baby"
(She was the only baby…it was adults-only,
but we figured she could fly in under the radar).
Grammae always seems to do well with "Heads
or Tails"
As expected, it was a fun night!  The Nike campus is beautiful and there was lots to bid on.  Marcus and I "won" a set of 9 tickets to a Hillsboro Hops game (baseball) compete with tailgater and a behind-the-scenes tour.  We also bought some miscellaneous items at the silent auction.  It's so fun to make donations AND get some great stuff in return!

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