Friday, June 26, 2015

Foodie Friday--a few of our favorite places

Mariposa had her 1st Holy Communion last month (still need to post pics) and with it came lots of great food.  :o)  

Grandma came to visit for the occasion, which of course led us to have even MORE great food at some of our favorite places.

The dessert table from Mariposa's 1st Holy
Cake was from our favorite local bakery…yes, you know the
one…Decadent Creations!
Wonderful Mexican street food from Ochoa's in Hillsboro.
I could eat here every day!
Can't go wrong with New Seasons, food from
their deli or food off their shelves….
…and the South Store!  We are so so lucky
to have such a quaint, cute, high-quality
cafe here in the country!

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