Monday, August 22, 2016

Catholic Women Rejoice!

This past Saturday, Bunny and and I went to the Catholic Women Rejoice! conference. 

This is the first year that Bunny was able to go!  (I think last year the age range was 18 and up, but this year it was 14 and up...she's just a few weeks away from 14 years old, so I let her go.  Do I need to go to confession for this?)  ;o)

The conference was held at St. Anthony in Tigard, which is only 20 minutes away.  A lot better than Vancouver, which is where the conference was held the last few years!

We sat at the Hillsboro table with Auntie Meghan, Lisa F.,
Fanny, Katie R., Stacy W., Monica W., Katie B., etc.
I didn't know Mary Lenaburg before the conference.  OMG
what a hoot she is!!!  She also was the only speaker who made
me go into my "ugly cry." 
We changed rooms and listed to Rebecca Frech.
Bunny said that she reminded her of me...only
in shape.  Thanks, Bun.
 The other two speakers (no photos of them, oops) were Hallie Lord, author, and Jenna Guizar, the founder of Blessed is She.  They were great, too!

It was a fantastic, inspiring, challenging day...and the best part was sharing it with Bunny.  <3

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