Monday, August 29, 2016

Field Trip to Pittock Mansion

A typical Portland sight-seeing location is Pittock Mansion, but despite living here for 18 years (and hosting numerous visitors), I had never been there!

Since I am a big fan of "intentional living," I purposefully planned a date in August to make a fun field trip for all of us.

Pittock Mansion is on a large parcel of view property above Portland.  It was built by Oregonian (newspaper) owner Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana.  I thought it was interesting how they each individually came across the country by wagon trains, and how Henry started as a lowling at the Oregonian and worked up to be owner in only a short time.  He later was a successful businessman in the booming late 1800's.

Sedric stayed with grammae and papa after Sunday Mass, since this field trip was not exactly geared to an active 4-year-old boy.  ;o)

beautiful view

After our visit to the Mansion, I did another Portland first...I ate at a real food cart!  I seriously cannot believe I have never done this, since not only is Portland famous for food carts, but I am famous for eating.  ;o)  We choose a pod on Alder, and while Marcus was getting the kids their food at a Grilled Cheese cart, I chose "Steak your Claim" for their outrageous fries and house-cured pastrami.  Bunny chose a neighboring Mac & Cheese cart.

(if you look real closely, you can see all the
homeless people in the background...another
famous Portland experience)  ;oP

 As if all THIS wasn't fun enough, we ended our trip with a visit to Finnegan's toy store:


  1. Joe and I have definitely eaten a food truck lunch on those same steps!

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  3. I love Pittock Mansion!!! I hope you did too!!!

  4. I can't believe how much the children have grown! You do such cool activities with the kids! Do the trips to the toy store result in purchases?