Thursday, August 18, 2016

Some August happenings

Marcus' work travel has increased, but at least he gets to
go to some awesome places!  (Lake Tahoe) 
We went to another dollar-movie, and this time
I took 2 cousins as well.  Me and 8 kids--luckily
most of them were old enough to go potty alone.

(we saw Shaun the Sheep, which is probably my new favorite
movie)  ;o)
Got a trip to the dentist in before school started.
I can't believe we are in-and-out in one hour!
(this time they saw all 6 kids, too)

Mariposa can get sad when daddy is gone, but
we are making our way through!
Baby found out she loves My Little Ponies.
Burby loves them, too.
Bunny made Ebleskivers (Danish pancakes) for Sunday brunch.
We were all wondering where Celeste was one afternoon....
I am in HEAVEN during peach season!  And this pie did not
disappoint.  There goes my diet!  

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