Friday, August 19, 2016

School curriculum haul

A lot of homeschool vlogs and blogs post their "Curriculum Hauls" so I thought I would be cool and post one as well.  :o)

Luckily most of our books are reusable year after year, but I now have to buy all new books for Bunny (before I had a good stock of used books from my friends) and some consumables for the younger grades.

This year I ordered from Amazon,, Rainbow Resource, and Mother of Divine Grace.

Bunny is learning medieval history this year,
and while some of her books are very challenging,
there are also some "picture" books to aid in learning
as well.  The map skills was supposed to be for
Mariposa, but when I opened it, I recognized it as
the workbook she did LAST year...oops!
I couldn't find my math tests for James (Saxon87)
so I had to buy a new copy.  :o(
ABeka math for the younger grades is consumable.
Gemma is working on Grade 2.
Wordly Wise is an EXCELLENT program--Bunny's
vocab has excelled because of this simple workbook.
The Henle Latin is daunting but supposed to be
top-notch.  We'll see....
Good luck with that, Bunny....  ;o)

I have a few shipments not pictured, but these 3 came on one day, so I set them up for the photo shoot.  I have been especially impressed with Mother of Divine Grace's offerings and their prices, too.  To see "He Went With" series in reprint is so inspiring!  (In past years I've had to do an Inter-library loan and get the books from some obscure college down south--ancient copies to boot.)  I have also been impressed with "Preschool Art" which came in hard-back to my surprise, with gorgeous artwork and creative questions that Sedric really enjoys.

The beginning of school is so fun!!  Let's pray we can keep this enthusiasm all year!  :o)

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