Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last Day in Astoria

Sunday morning started with more boats....
 And a visit from Lenny the Leprechaun!  Lenny has made his annual visit every March 17th for a few years now, and he hides his gold for the kids to find.  We were all surprised to learn that Lenny had followed us to Astoria and hid his gold in the hotel room!

divvying up the goods
We packed up our suitcases (each kid had their own), checked out of the hotel, and drove to Sunday Mass at the local church.  Before we left town, though, we just HAD to cross that big big bridge!
I would NOT want to be one of the workers on the bridge!
(there is nothing below this guy!)
Lenny was right there with us on our journey home.
Bye bye, Astoria!
On our way home we stopped in Seaside to have lunch at Subway.  This was an important journey for us.  Last year we tried to get lunch there, and (our good fortune) Gemma was asleep.  Marcus and I warned the kids, "Be quiet!  Don't wake Gemma up!"  I was looking forward to staying in the car and reading a magazine while Marcus took the rest of the kids in to eat sandwiches.  Well, those of you who know James personally can really picture this:  when we pulled up to Subway (last year), James yelled, "Woo hoo!!!" and woke Gemma up!  We were so mad, we said "No Subway!" and just drove home.  What a punishment!!  Anyway, this year it was important to try again. I'm so glad we did....

And that was a great end to a great weekend getaway. 


  1. I love your vacation story! It's true, these are forever memories for all of you.

  2. Is sedric's hair a little orange?

    1. He's been eating a lot of sweet potatoes and carrots. ;o)