Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturday in Astoria

Ok, let's get these Astoria posts going, so we can get to some Easter pics!

Saturday morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we made our way to Lewis & Clark National Park for a few hours of history lessons.  Always learning!  We watched one visitor-center movie together, then I went out with Gemma to do some schoolbook shopping while the rest of the clan watched another movie.  After sitting still for so long, it was time to take a walk around the Park:

If we were on L&C's expedition, this would
be where we would put Gemma. 

We hiked the whole loop and more (which actually isn't that
far, but it does ~sound~ impressive).
Lunch at a brewpub (Fort George I believe)
After lunch we made our way to the Astoria column.  By this time it was raining and windy, and on the hill the bad weather was amplified!  Mariposa claimed she is afraid of heights, and the metal stairs were a little slippery, so Mariposa, Sedric, and I stayed back.
Here's the crew at the start of their ascent
(Bunny was reminded of our climb to the top
of St. Peter's in Vatican City)
looking up (the little black dot is Marcus' head)
I made Mariposa pose for a quick pic before we retreated
to the car (do you see the bridge in the background?).
they made it!

Back at "home" safe and sound.  It was so cute to see
what the housekeepers did!!
For dinner we ordered pizza and picked up
some ice cream for root beer floats.
more boat watching
movie at bedtime (I think they watched Ponyo)
Marcus and Seddy doing their nighttime
routine (Marcus checking on the day's
news stories on his iPad)


  1. What a fun filled trip with lots of learning!

  2. Learning but more importantly, making memories :o)

  3. Looks like fun!! Did you count the steps in the Astoria Column??