Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NYR #5--March new recipes

Egg-in-a-hole (I can't believe I never made this!)
~homemade 5-grain bread, eggs from our farm
The best pot roast EVER
S'Mores brownies
Cashew Chicken & Broccoli
We had another great month of new recipes!  I think my favorite was the pot roast, only because it was soooooo fabulous!  But really, all the recipes this month were winners.  The egg-in-a-hole was inspired by The Pioneer Woman (Food Network Show), as was the pot roast.  The brownies were from a cookbook I bought for myself got from Marcus for Christmas, and the stir-fry was from the Oregonian (recipes below).  The 5th recipe is not shown--Amish Friendship Bread.  This one is fun!  Nicole gave me some starter, and we've been baking the sweet bread since.  I keep freezing it for future snacks, too.  Yum!

Making the s'mores brownies (graham crackers IN the batter)



  1. I love The Pioneer Woman!!!! Try to watch her every Saturday morning and read her blog! Amish Friendship bread is some of the best ever! I'm going to try the pot roast.

    Do you buy your beef from the store or do you know someone who raises them?

  2. mmmmmmmm brownies look good, and I make egg-in-the-hole ALL of the time! (it's my routine to make eggs at least once a weekend, weekday breakfasts are simple and boring).

    thanks for inspiring us all to try new recipes too!

  3. The pot roast looks amazing! (not mary)