Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Kitchen Deck

This week we put in a new "kitchen" deck.  Ok, WE didn't put it in...we hired it out.  Like we have time to put in our own deck!! ha ha ha  It was hard enough to pick up the phone and call someone.  And we only had the lumber for 2 years, sitting in our driveway.... Anyway, I am very happy that we finally got this project done.  It is part of the 5-year master plan for the backyard, and since it is a deck it is considered the "bones" of the overall project.  It is nice to have more of the framework in place so soon we can begin more of the landscape design and planting!
We wanted the deck one step off the dining room, with a few
steps down to the ground.
The kids LOVE the new deck because it is like a stage!
(the old plastic fence is tied to the new post because our
outdoor cat, Catnip, thinks the post is great for scratching)
Look at these hams!
This deck will be used for our gas grill in the summer, and probably as a base for food tables when we have outdoor parties.  I also want to put in some cabinets under the kitchen window, and a sink.  The kids are pushing for a drinking fountain so we'll see about that.  We'll likely put in some shrubbery there on the ground, something low.  Where the gravel is now, we would like to put in a patio with some planters in the corners, and maybe even a fireplace along the garden side.  Finally, I would love a long planter (for kitchen herbs?) along the original deck, with a long bench seat, perfect for all the kids!

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  1. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it in person next month. I can sit there and sip my drink that Marcus makes for me :)