Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

Last October, when my parents came to visit, my dad planted tulips with the kids:

October 2012
Look how beautiful they turned out!  It has been fun to watch them grow and wonder about their color and timing.  These red, burgundy, pink, and yellow ones are "grandpa's" tulips: he picked a large bag of assorted colors.  We have picked a few of them to bring in the house, but it's just so hard to pick many because we love seeing them outside!

This orange one is James' choice.

I'll have Bunny post her tulips on her own website.  ;o)  I didn't plant tulips, I think I did some sort of allium (I can't remember) and they are not up yet.  Sedric and Mariposa's tulips are not in bloom yet, either, but they're close.

Sedric wasn't "afraid" of the grass, but...
he didn't exactly want to crawl on it.  He kept
using the camera case as a buffer between his
right hand and the grass!
PS--you may've noticed that in almost all of these Sedric pics, he is sticking out his tongue.  That is his latest thing!  He does it all the time now.  I think it's because his teeth are coming in on the bottom, and he wants to feel his gums.  Whatever the reason, he is pretty funny-looking!   :o)


  1. The flowers came up so beautifully! Dad and I are jealous of how green everything is there and you are much farther ahead of us. Our hyacinths just bloomed and our daffodils are almost in bloom. Our tulips are just a couple inches above ground.

    1. If you lived here, you too could enjoy the fabulous Oregon growing season. Just sayin'.... ;o) Becky

  2. So pretty! Shane was just saying the other day how we need to plant more tulips. I love how your dad put the bunches of different colors together. If I can get my act together this fall, we might just have some pretty tulips this time next year! ;-)