Tuesday, May 7, 2013

James' latest artwork

James has been making his normal masterpieces in his usual mediums, but the other day he decided to branch out and do some sculpture:

one of his numerous "Bob Ross" landscapes
cabin with happy trees
Of course, he is still building with Legos.  I love this creation:
So many of his builds show movement, and
a story.  This one is no exception.
Do you see how the Lego guys are working to
finish the "Lego" sign?
the artist


  1. Incredible mastermind! And I can see the "Bob Ross" in his paintings. Very good!

  2. He is such an amazing artist! I LOVE his Lego creaation! Such thought goes in to it - and like you said - movement! Good job James!!

  3. That is very cool James!!! I am a good Lego builder.... but not that good!!! :)