Thursday, May 30, 2013

Girls' time at the mall

Tuesday morning...rain forecasted, so no gardening...time for shopping!
first up, 2nd breakfast at Biscuits Cafe  ;o)

next stop, Sephora to try on makeup
then Nordy's for some shopping!! 
a trip to Starbux before going home
(notice Mariposa changed into her new dress)


  1. Love the dress, MariP! What did Bunny get? Where is Gemma ?

    1. :o) Bunny got some rockin' pink pants and a cute cardi, and grandma bought them each some sunglasses. And we left Gemma at home. We really wanted her to come, but you have to be 4 and over to go to "girls' day" at the mall, so sad.... ;o)

  2. Good thing there wasn't an upper age limit. I had a great time with my girls.