Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ascension prayers

Our very dear friend Fr. Domenico (or "Father Minco" as Gemma calls him) shared a special tradition to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension.  He gave each child a small plastic heart, and the kids were to write their prayers on small pieces of paper and place the prayers in the heart.  Overnight, Jesus would take the prayers with him straight to heaven!  
Bunny helped by writing for the younger kids.
James had quite a few of his own!
(they all came up with their own prayers, without input
from dad or proud of them)
We left the hearts out on the counter, and in
the morning the prayers were replaced by
beautiful crosses, which all the kids wore
to Mass in the morning.

Here are their prayers (without spelling corrections)...maybe we can all pray for these intentions?

  • Pleas help everyone who needs help, and all the people that are sick.
  • So that people that decide to skip church go more often.
  • That there will be no more abortion.
  • Pleas help my dad work really hard.
  • Help all the babies who don't have a mommy or daddy.  (this was Sedric's)
  • So that people that have work can stay safe and make plenty of $.
  • For all the baby's in mommy's tummys.
  • So I can be very smart (Sedric again)
  • For all the people in purgatory.
  • For babies that they don't get killed.
  • For all the people in the town so they will be good so they can get presents from Santa.  (either Gemma's or Mariposa's)
  • help my mom be reday for Mother's day.
  • So that all familys don't have any feuds.
  • Help me to grow strong so I can keep up with my brother and sisters
  • Pleas help the people that are on earth and that thay prepare for heaven
  • For world peace.  So the church will stay strong.
  • That (named family members) will become Catholic.
  • Pleas help the poor have food shelter and love
  • I wish that Sunday will be a Good day.
  • So that people will pray more.
  • That mom and dads can control their tempers (~ahem~)
  • I hope that mom and dad are nicer even though they are allrety nice.  (ok, I get the hint)
  • For Nana Kitty and Poppie
  • So that everybody will learn about Jesus.
  • So that everybody will go to heaven.

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  1. These are such nice prayer intentions. It is interesting to see what is on the children's hearts. It's a good list for the adults, too!