Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A gardener's work is never done...

planting pumpkin seeds just outside the fenceline
of our new "auxiliary" garden
Mariposa is ever-present in the garden
some starts and some seeds...not enough room
inside the fence so we will try this
2 rows of corn, with room for 2 more rows
then some pumpkins
then zucchini/squash
then beans, with room for another row
and finally Walla Wallas
(Mariposa is making a nest for a chicken egg)
just "a few" seeds left to go  ;o)


  1. looks cold there, you're all bundled up!

    I love how into gardening Mariposa is!!!!!!!

  2. Your children and getting so old! We need to see you guys...can't wait until July!