Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NYR #5--April new recipes

April's 5 new recipes!  I have to admit, I "cheated" a little for April, as I was totally uninspired to create in the kitchen.  Marcus was gone more than 50% of work days, so that made April a particularly hard month for trying new recipes.  But we made it, by the skin of our teeth!

The first recipe was the Pioneer Woman's Restaurant-Style Salsa.  It was great!  Very easy to make in the food processor, and as the name claims, it really did taste like it was from a restaurant.  I would most certainly make it again! (no photos of it, darn)

For the same family dinner, I broke out my BRAND
NEW LeCrueset fondue pot!!  Not sure if chocolate
fondue is a recipe...but it is a new technique
at least.  Recipe #2, check.
Next, we wanted to make double-chocolate
cookies.  However, I was sidetracked with a
good-looking recipe for double-chocolate
biscotti, so I gave that a try as well.

(yes, they tasted as good as they look!)

We did end up making the double-chocolate cookies, too, to take to the park to celebrate our last RE class (see Bunny's post).  No pics of those; they didn't last long!

Last, James and I made rhubarb cake with a harvest from our own garden.  James learned how to pull out rhubarb from the base, and tear off the leaf and throw it over the fence.  ;o)  It turned out to be a good recipe, I think because the rhubarb was diced and because of the sweet streusel topping.  Bunny and I loved it, most of the kids liked it, one kid did not care for it, and Marcus was on the fence (he doesn't really like rhubarb).  The verdict:  I would make it again, but probably for a snack cake or for a potluck where more people could help me (and Bunny) eat it.

So that's it for April!  We already have some good ones for May, so be looking for the May update sometime in June...until then, have fun in the kitchen!

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