Saturday, May 25, 2013

James' First Communion

Last Sunday was James' special day, the day he first received the Body and Blood of Christ.  In the morning, at home, he received a beautiful rosary from grammae/papa and a special crucifix necklace from grandma/grandpa, to wear during Mass--you can see these in the photos.  At 8:30am Mass there were exactly 3 kids receiving their first Communion...James, Lukie, and Eliot.  :o)  I guess that's not a popular time for families!

James' participation in Mass was to read the introductions.  Bunny was an altar server (along with Aidan), and Fr. Juan concelebrated with Fr. Peter (is that the correct word?). A man of many talents, Fr. Peter also joined in with the choir for the preparation song. The cousins sang "Shine, Jesus, Shine" for a meditation song--such a treat to hear those sweet little voices.  After Mass and photos, we all made our way to grammae and papa's house for a lovely brunch, then back to our house for much-needed naps.  And finally, as is tradition, dinner at the Dancing Dragon restaurant...the same way Marcus celebrated his first Communion almost 30 years ago.

Enjoy the photos!


  1. Oh, Becky, I had such a nice response but Google ate it. Congratulations to James on his very special day! I think having only 3 First Communicants would be such a blessing. And I love the Dancing Dragon tradtion!

  2. What a wonderful day of celebration! I love the picture of them all singing together.

  3. Congrats, James! I'm proud of you!