Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sedric's 2nd Birthday

Here are some quick takes from Sedric's 2nd birthday last month:

birthday oatmeal for breakfast :o)

Mrs. N brought a gift

"ooooh!!"  (he sees a Thomas image....)

It's a Thomas dinner set!! (Mrs. N really knows Seds)

driving to Sedric's birthday dinner (tired Posa from VBS)

His favorite!  Panda Express noodles

Sedric loves blowing out candles

We had to hold his mouth while we sang to him.

Finally!  A Birthday Wish

present time...a Transformer from grandma and grandpa
(he loves it!!  the other kids do, too!)

clothes, a coloring book, and a train from us

trying out his new train "Hiro"


  1. Happy Birthday, Sedi!! I cant believe your 2 already!!

  2. He's getting huge! Happy birthday buddy!