Friday, June 12, 2015

Foodie Friday--Hot Browns

The first Saturday in May brought the Kentucky Derby (won by American Pharoah of course!) and a foodie favorite:  Hot Browns!

Marcus makes us Hot Browns every Derby Day.  I wish it was more often.

A "Hot Brown" is an open-faced turkey and bacon sandwich, smothered in a white sauce and grilled in a skillet.  Tomatoes and parsley are added "for looks" as I say.  ;o)  This sandwich was made famous by the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

This year Marcus made the sauce using parmesan instead of the usual Romano (which, given my Sicilian roots, I love).  The sauce was more subtle but still fantastic!  I think he would say that these were the best Hot Browns yet.

Turkey from New Seasons, sliced thin.  Bacon from Costco.  I believe Marcus used my homemade 5-grain bread, which toasts up beautifully.  Homemade white sauce (I have no idea how he does it).

Aren't I lucky to have such a great chef for a husband???  <3 <3

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