Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Free Lunch…?

They say "there's no such thing as a free lunch."  Sedric proved that wrong!!

Yesterday morning was a great day to go berry-picking.  We went to Rowell Bros. down the road from us.  This is BY FAR the earliest in the season that we have picked berries!  Normally, we would just have Hood strawberries in mid-June.  But this has been a very warm winter and spring, and all the produce is 2-4 weeks early.  We picked Sisikou blackberries, Reka blueberries, and Cascade raspberries.

Sedric didn't end up with ANY blueberries in
his bucket--they all went straight to his mouth.
Bunny and James worked on red raspberries.

Celeste had a great time watching the kids…
and eating berries too!

All this for an even $20 -- well over a full flat of fruit.
So maybe there IS such thing as a free lunch!!!  Good thing they didn't weigh Sedric before and after picking.


  1. Remember James and blueberry picking? You're lucky Sedric is potty trained!

    1. YES!!! We were all remembering that story yesterday. :o) Yes, I am glad that Sedric uses the toilet--although we did have to visit it a lot this morning! :o) Lots o' fiber in those blueberries…. :o) Becky