Saturday, June 6, 2015

May, in review

Our piles of hazelnut trees finally got burned (after a couple
of failed attempts earlier in the season).  This picture is from
our driveway, looking towards the road.
Saturday Market
Candy Store :o)
There are so many lambs!  They are getting big.
Lots of swiss chard in my perennial beds.

Gemma wanted me to help her with some stop-motion animation.

Mother's Day!
Cutie loves her exersaucer
Gardening with Gemma
Mrs. N playing with the kids
(Seddy loves the pea gravel.)
Irises were in bloom, so lovely
Mrs. N and Sedric in the "nest" (just a pile of dirt that the
landscapers made, and my kids dug out the middle and
added sticks.  So funny!

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