Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BBQ with Aunt Chris and cousin Kelly

The same weekend as Marcus' party, there was a memorial fundraiser in honor of Marcus' Uncle Pat who died the previous fall of liver cancer.  His wife, Aunt Chris, flew out from Louisville, along with one of her sons, Kelly, from California.

We didn't go to the fundraiser in Vernonia (Pat's boyhood town) but we did have a get-together at grammae & papa's side of the Randall home:

It was nice to use the new patio on grammae & papa's side!

(yes, that is a nasty bruise on her forehead) :oP

Aunt Chris in pink, cousin Kelly in the white shirt, Uncle
Jeff (Steve and Pat's brother) in the navy shirt

Gemma LOVES cute boys!!!  (even if they are
related to her!)  ;o)
Kelly with all his Curl cousins.  :o)

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