Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This summer we had a lot of volunteer sunflowers.  Funny story, most of them came from our old orchard:  We had to take out our hazelnut orchard last year because of the blight (frowny face) and the process was to first, knock down all the trees and put them in piles, and second, burn those piles.  Of course we hired all this out!!  Anyway, the piles had to sit there for months to dry, and when it was finally time to burn, the process for that was to start a few piles on fire and then grab limbs from the other piles to add to the fires.  Long story short: squirrels made their homes in the piles, and only some of the piles were lit on fire, so the remaining piles all had sunflower seeds squirreled (ha ha) away in them.  Hence, lots of volunteers.

Marcus sent Bunny and I out to transplant a lot of them in the spring, and miraculously they lived and gave us lots of joy all summer and fall.

Here is a picture of one:

My camera has this neat automatic feature that adds artistic touches randomly.  Here's a few of the artistic shots from the picture above:

This was a different flower, but I thought it was a pretty shot as well:

I wish I knew how to do this kind of art on purpose, but oh well.  ;o)

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