Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birthright Potluck

My wonderful husband is on the board of the local Birthright chapter.  Birthright is an organization that helps women with unplanned pregnancies by providing loving counseling and support in the way of clothing and care.  The work that Marcus does with Birthright is very important to him, as it is a concrete way that he can help to reduce abortions in our community.

The potluck was at another board member's home in town.  It was an older home with a HUGE beautiful yard!  I didn't take pictures of all the landscaping, but it was lovely.  The owners said they had a private well so they could keep everything watered all summer without paying an arm and a leg.  That's convenient!

The hostess is a grandmother so she had a
highchair all ready for Celeste.

Grammae is on the the Birthright board
as  well.   :o)

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