Thursday, November 12, 2015

cousin Paul's wedding

Also in August was Marcus' cousin Paul's wedding to a LOVELY young woman, Kristin.

They chose a park setting and I heard they rented all the cabins for any partiers who wanted to stay all night.  (that was not us)

To tell the truth…I was kinda dreading this afternoon.  Sedric is SUCH a handful right now, at just over 3 years old.  Celeste is a sweetheart but at this point, she was crawling and I knew it would be hard to keep her off the ground.  And Gemma is still…Gemma.  ;o)  We considered just sending Marcus and a few older kids, but Marcus said he really wanted all of us to go.  I said "fine" and braced myself for a hard evening.

Guess what?  I was wrong!!  (There is a first time for everything.)  The evening was very enjoyable, and Paul and Kristin thought of many, many nice touches that made all the kids feel welcome.  The ceremony was short (they had a private Catholic ceremony in the morning) so the kids didn't have to sit still for long.  We all had a great time and would've loved to be one of the cabin-dwellers if we had planned for it!!

before the ceremony
silly face

short walk to the lodge for the reception

We found a nice spot in the far corner of
the lodge, because of all the kids.
View from the lodge.  The blue tent, and all the lower field,
was set up for kids!!!!  The adults could watch from any point
up at the lodge.  It was perfect!!!  (Marcus is standing by the flag.)

Not only did Paul & Kristin have a play area set up, but they also had a separate buffet for kids…and it was open immediately after the ceremony!!!  This was an awesome idea.  The buffet had crustless sandwiches, juice, string cheese, candy, and all sorts of other goodies that kids would love.  So thoughtful!  The kids ate and then ran off to play so the adults could eat in peace.  Fabulous!

This car ramp was a BIG hit.  ;o)

The lodge was open on one side, and filled with picnic benches.

We all thought this picture was pretty funny.  ;o)
What a great wedding!!!!

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