Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Marcus' surprise 40th birthday party

Right after picking up the kids from Camp Howard…Marcus had a surprise 40th birthday party!!!

Well, the PARTY was a surprise…turning 40 was no surprise.  ;o)

It was a beautiful evening.  Guests came to the house while
Marcus and I were gone in Portland, picking up the kids.

Because I was not there to get dinner ready, Papa manned the
grill.  I had bought pre-made sides from New Seasons, which
the guests set out.  Desserts were from Decadent Creations, via
Lisa (it was a thank-you for watching her kids!).
Fr. Juan was in charge of decorations.  :o)  I gave him free
rein from our party supplies bin!  And he supplied lots of
balloons.  :o)
Old Man

Lots of fun, lots of presents, and lots of love for Marcus.

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  1. Cute surprise 40th birthday party! I loved seeing everyone having so much fun in this brilliant bash. I have also been finding affordable Venues in San Francisco for my son’s 17th birthday party. So would be planning a fun disco themed bash.