Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First day of school

The day after Labor Day, we started school! It's always bittersweet: getting back to a schedule is comforting, but not doing kid-stuff all day can be frustrating! (or in my case...not being able to check email and do chores!).

I plan out Mariposa's work in my Catholic school planner. The planner also gives a "word of the week" in the coming Sunday's gospel, and all the saints' feast days. I also keep track of any school-type things that Gemma might do:

Here is a glimpse of James' first week of work:

...and Bunny's:

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  1. It looks like you were well prepared. Have a great school year kids.

  2. You look so well organized. So impressed you are doing this. My kids wanted to homeschool until they found out I would be the teacher. LOL