Monday, September 24, 2012

The big one-oh

My little girl turned TEN earlier this month!!

First, on her actual birthday we had a series of celebrations at home, all dictated by Bunny of course. Birthday parade upon waking up. For breakfast: doughnuts, Froot Loops, and fruit. Lunch was tuna sandwiches. For dinner, chicken nuggets, Mac/cheese, and burritos. Then came presents time!

We give our kids three gifts: something they want, something they need, and something we think they'd like. (I read this idea in a magazine years ago, and it works great!). Here is something we thought she would like:

We were right! She also got clothes (pjs and a tunic) and an iPod nano. For her birthday dessert she chose fudge bars:

Then the next day we had the all-family party, full of fun like all family gatherings are! She had a chicken theme party including an egg-shaped cake:

Lots of presents! She loved them all!

It wouldn't be a family dinner without the kids jumping on Uncle Brian:

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  1. All family party?

    How did bunny like the nano? Is it the new one? What sort of music does she put on there?