Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 kids 10 & under

My friend Stacy had her baby, a sweet baby girl!, early yesterday.  This morning I drove into town to pick up her 5 older kids for a playdate to give her a chance to have some quiet time with her husband and new bundle of joy.  Perfect timing, as we were already scheduled to have Mrs. N. come and help us this morning (Mrs. N. is our ~angel~ who helps with the kids 3 mornings a week so I can get some schooling done).  I knew it would be a noisy, fun time but I sure didn't realize just how much fun it would be, and how SMOOTHLY everything would go!!  Such a sweet bunch of kids...hopefully some of those good manners rubbed of onto my own kids....

Mrs. N and half of the bunch (Seddy was napping so I stayed
inside with the youngest boy)
Mardi Gras lunch!  A perfect time for a party!!
On our way out of town this morning, I
stopped at Hank's and had the oldest 3
choose doughnuts for dessert.
Ok, so we watched a LITTLE television before they left...
but for 90% of the time they just played with toys
and outside in the good weather!

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