Monday, February 18, 2013

NYR #5: January new recipes

Ok, I did it!  Five new recipes for January: Funfetti cake, Meghan's famous frosting, crock pot BBQ chicken, Giada's chocolate brownie pop cookies, and spaghetti carbonara pie.
the Funfetti cake was for J/G bday party
I would definitely make this again.  It was fun and festive
and made a good-sized 9" 4-layer cake.

The spaghetti carbonara pie was just for a normal weekday
meal.  I didn't like it very much (not a fan of carbonara, not
even when I had it in Rome) so we won't make it again.
The brownie pops (here in simple sandwich
form) were very very good!!  
The cousins enjoyed the BBQ chicken sandwiches, and I
enjoyed that they came from the crock pot!
For the brownie pops recipe, I only made the cookie portion of the recipe (not the fillings).  I used leftover frosting for the filling.  I would like to try the white-chocolate ganache filling sometime...but not the strawberry preserves.  Fruit and chocolate do not mix in this house!!!  ;o)
The BBQ chicken sandwiches were good, and it was especially helpful that I made this over the weekend and had it ready to reheat for our busy Wednesday dinner.  Wednesdays we add 2 cousins to our dinnertime routine, and Marcus is frequently out of town, so I have been making more meals on the age-old tip that really works!  I don't have a link to the recipe, but if anyone is interested, I can post it.  Just a simple chicken-in-crockpot type meal, with a homemade sauce that was as good as you can get when using a crock pot (then thickened on the stovetop).

Some recipes:

In sum, I will most definitely make the cake, frosting, cookies, and BBQ chicken again.  Especially the cookies...with the frosting!  Yum!
We've been working on February new recipes but haven't quite made 5 of them yet.  You'll see the February creations sometime in March.  I have some more winners!


  1. Your cake is so pretty! Two questions: What's the trick for making the perfect ring of sprinkles on the top? Second, what is non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening??

    1. Thanks, Angela! :o) The sprinkle ring was easy; I just used a spoon to drop the sprinkles about 1 inch from the edge, all around. And as for the non-hydrogenated shortening...well, I just used Crisco. Who cares about health when you're making a ~cake~?? ;o)

  2. Yummy looking food Becky. And beautiful presentation. Keep sharing your productions.