Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Altar Servers

A week ago Monday, Bunny had her first training to be an altar server.  That Thursday, she had her second training.  And on Sunday, she served her first Mass!
St. Matthew has an excellent training program headed up by a longtime volunteer, Mr. W.  Mr. W is fantastic with the kids, very thorough, and very knowledgable.  He has them trained very well, with great discipline.  Bunny's job was to bring in the banner, help Fr. Peter, and ring the bell...all big jobs!  She and her cousin Aidan were fantastic.  They are participating in yet another way to serve and glorify God.
Bunny is holding the green banner

Bunny in bell-ringing position, with Aidan beside her
She will serve again tomorrow, and then two more Sundays.  Mr. W has it set up so that the same four new servers serve together 4 Sundays in a row, to really get it down.  So awesome!  After this initial period, she will be scheduled whenever.  I am really looking forward to her being able to help at funerals during the week, since (being a homeschooled kid) she doesn't have to worry about missing school.  I know I sound like a walking advertisement...but...another great reason why we homeschool: more opportunities to serve others and the church.

Great job, Bunny!  I love you!! :o)

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  1. Bunny and Aidan did a fantastic job serving our Lord at the altar. Their reverent example is inspiring and heartwarming! Thank you.