Friday, February 1, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dance

I have so many other posts to do, older ones, of adventures we have had this past week, but...only one thing is on my mind right now:  the daddy/daughter dance! 

Every year our church (specifically, the school) puts on a daddy/daughter dance to raise money for the auction.  Marcus has taken Bunny the last two years, and this year it was Mariposa's turn to go as well.  We make this a "big deal," from picking out the dresses and accessories to planning a nice dinner to having a girlie hair-and-makeup session.  Marcus makes sure he dresses the part as well, and he treats his girls like princesses for the night.  This is the stuff memories are made of!
The king waiting for his princesses
the rose wrist corsages were a surprise
Marcus chose Bunny's new dress for her
As you can imagine, though, two of the three kids "left behind" were none to happy about all this attention focused on Bunny and Mariposa.  They were pretty grumpy and jealous until I spontaneously said, "Dance party at our house!"  I turned up the XM radio, put Seddy in the backpack, and hit the dance floor!
James and Gemma were practicing their lifts
No party would be complete without some
yummy snacks!  (they LOVED this!)
My #1 dance partner of the night

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  1. The girls are so pretty and Marcus so handsome! Marcus is showing them how they should expect to be treated in the future. Love it!