Saturday, February 9, 2013

Best of Pork

We had a dinner party the other weekend with the "alphabet" group.  (potluck dinner parties where all the food starts with an assigned letter of the alphabet)  For the most part, Marcus knows the guys from former work experiences (Unicru, etc.) and I have become friends with the wives.  Some are friends of friends.  We hardly ever get together with them because we are so busy on weekends, but when the emails started up we discovered that we were free not only to come to dinner but to host!  They had made it through the alphabet already so now it was time to do "Best of..."  SOOOO happy we got to host "Best of Pork!"

Since the group had not met for a few months, everyone was excited to get together.  I didn't count, but I believe we had around 20 adults and 15 kids.
we roasted the sausage-stuffed pork loin you
can see in the lower right
apparently there is such thing as bacon vodka
 Along with the pork loin on the Ronco we also served Brussels Sprouts Gratin (with bacon of course).  Some other items were about 3 kinds of bacon-wrapped dates; a yummy salad with blood-oranges, pistachios, pomegranate, and proscuitto; pulled pork sandwiches; ham-wrapped shrimp; and even desserts: bacon-topped maple bars and banana-bacon cookies (no kidding!!).
I think this picture of the bar area pretty
much sums up the party...  :o)

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  1. I could have crashed that party. Or at least I could 'take care' of the leftovers.