Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Nice Day before the Rain

The other week we had a really nice Sunday before a big bout of scheduled rain, so we made the most of it by spending the afternoon outside.  Grandpa (my dad) requested that I take out Marcus' phone and click some pics, and text them to him and my mom.  Poor grandpa, their snow just melted in Ohio!  Here are some pics that I took with my camera, while taking pics for gpa:
Seddy loves playing with the chickens.

Marcus and I (with Gemma's help) were measuring for a new
chicken pasture to be able to rotate and let the current pasture
rest and recover for a few months.

The hens make these holes to take dust baths.  The horse trailer
at the top of the hill is their "coop"...hey, it works well and it
was FREE, better than spending $$$ building a coop!
I went down to our small forested area (which we
call "Cougar Cafe") and found this beauty--a
trillium, Michigan's state flower!  I was thrilled!
Our little muddy stream down at Cougar Cafe (the kids call
this the "quicksand" since it's really deep mud).  It was so
peaceful down here in the forest, I wanted to stay all day.
Tulips are up (and as of this posting, they are almost blooming).
The kids love the new dirt pile.

You can see what Seddy wants to do.
Daddy took him along for a ride.
Later I looked up and saw this.
Three kids in the trailer.  They LOVED this!!!


  1. We love the Spring scenes around your beautiful house! Spring isn't quite here yet. At least all the snow is gone. Your trees in bloom are beautiful.

    1. You should see the tulips, they're in bloom as of today! I will try to get a pic. :o) Becky

  2. Haha that trailer ride looks safe....

    1. Yeah, I tried to put away the thoughts that we may end up on the 5 o'clock news.... Marcus went slow and was NOT mowing when he gave them a ride, so it's OK, right? ;o) Becky

  3. The picture with Sedi just sitting on the tractor while not moving; he looks like Gemma a wee bit!! :) Looks like fun! So, Sedi likes the chickens, but do the chickens like Sedi?? :)

    1. Sedric either chases the chickens with a stick or wants to pick them up and carry what do you think?? ;o)

  4. The chickens are probably like,"EVERYBODY RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! IT`S SEDRIC!!!"